Avalanche warning for region Finnmarkskysten Sunday 15.05.2022

Danger level 2 - Moderate avalanche danger


The danger level is 1 where the surface is hard, but can rise to 2-moderate if the surface gets wet and soft.

Avalanche problems

Wet snow (loose snow avalanches)

Avalanches may release spontaneously on a few steep slopes. Avalanches are relatively harmless to people, but can knock you off balance. Can be dangerous close to terrain traps. (size 1)


The bulletin is a planning tool and may differ from the actual situation. Always make your own evaluation. To be 100 % avalanche safe, avoid all avalanche terrain.

Snow cover (in Norwegian)

Mildvær den siste uka har gjort snøoverflate våt og fuktig oppover i fjellet. På de høyeste toppene vil snøen fortsatt være mer vinterlig, og nysnø har dannet små flak som har stabilisert seg raskt.

Snødekket er generelt tynnere og fuktigere i sydlige himmelretninger, mens snødekket er tykkere og kaldere i nordlige himmelretninger.

Mountain weather, 14.05.2022

No precipitation. Breeze from west. -9 °C to 4 °C at 700 m a.s.l. Partly cloudy.

Mountain weather, 15.05.2022

2 mm precipitation, up to 10 mm in the most exposed areas. Precipitation as rain. Breeze from east. -2 °C to 5 °C at 700 m a.s.l. Partly cloudy.

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